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A carpet is a square or a rectangular piece of rich textile, basically made of wool or nylon. Rugs and carpets are used for insulation purpose as well as for traditional decoration of floors. Such floor coverings have long been popular among users, and their varied colours, textures, sizes and patterns make these products all the more attractive for use.

And here, we are talking about Woven Treasures Rugs – one of the best dealers and retailers of floor mats, having over 26 years of experience in the business, with its headquarters located in Melbourne, Australia.

The company offers a wide range of floor covers from all around the world, which have both traditional and aesthetic value. The products include varieties India, Pakistan, Iran, Persia, Turkey etc.

Let’s have a look at some of its varieties of traditional rugs, offered by the company –


At Woven Treasures Rugs, you will find some excellent stock and varieties of Persian rugs.

The art of carpet-weaving in Persia is a part of their cultural heritage. The origin of carpet weaving in Persia dates back to the Bronze period, the art evolving since then, and developing, but the traditional value of art remained intact.

The textiles used for developing the floor mats are generally wools and in some cases silk. The products produced in the 16th and the 17th century had so many varieties that there was a huge demand from foreign countries. Their offerings had always been popular. Even today Iran is the largest producer as well as exporter of handmade rugs.

The afghan rugs are stocked by the company from Afghanistan, and are generally hand-woven. There are several types of floor covers weaved by many ethnic groups in northern and western part of the country and each type is distinguishable from the other in style, motif and texture.

The Baluchi products are produced in abundance in the south-western part of Afghanistan, as those are used in prayers. Shind and or Adraskan are the other popular types, developed in the Herat province of western Afghanistan. All these types carry unique patterns and motifs of elongated human, and other animal figurines.

The mats are unique in the way they use natural as well as vegetable dyes to impart rich colours to the textile, making them look more attractive.

The art of weaving floor mats was introduced in India, under the reign of Mogul emperor Akbar. The Mogul emperors used the mats to decorate their royal courts, and palaces to bring a rich look of prosperity. Initially Persian craftsmen brought from Persia used to weave, which reflected typical Persian art and culture, the patterns and motifs belonging to Persia, but eventually things began to change.

The mats weaved slowly diversified and blended with the art and culture of Indian subcontinent. The products produced here with reflection of Indian culture and high-density knotting became popular and its increased demand from abroad made Indian rugs industry flourish. The Sitaporemats from India are of the finest quality. Intricate design and classic Indian style of weaving established India’s position in the industry.

And, now these products are made available to you by Woven Treasures Rugs, absolutely readily at your hand.

The tribal rugs are handmade by nomadic or semi-nomadic tribal people. These floor covering types are distinguishable from others in terms of its unique geometric pattern and motifs and also for their floral curved motifs.

The supply of wool for the purpose are made available from sheeps. These products rugs are quite popular in Asia and also in some parts of Europe. The motifs used by them are said to have multiple hidden meanings and name, and are also believed to have protective qualities.

You surely would love to try these too, particularly, when these are also now available readily from Woven Treasures Rugs in your region.

The company focuses on providing you with the best services. Woven Treasures rugs are the premium dealers of floor mats in the region, and they guarantee their customers with best quality floor covers from all around the globe.

If you want to revolutionize the look of your home or office, then this company is the best option for you. The staff of the company offers guidance and assistance with any of your style requirements. With the right choice of the product, you can completely change the look of your house or office.

The employees are in fact experts who help you choose the right colour and type of the mats which can change the ambience of the place, making it more welcoming than ever.

The stocks are huge and widely varied, as the company offers collection from different parts of the world. You can find different textures, colours, sizes and shapes to suit your individual needs. There are flat-weaved mats and loop-weaved mats as well.

A high quality is evident from the materials used for the production of the products, which include wool, cotton, silk and also manmade fibres. The wools used in are generally collected from sheep, as sheep provides the best quality of wool. The mats made from silk are very expensive, and are often used as wall hangings or pillows. Cotton, wool and silk fibres are hand spun or machine spun.

The collections are indeed appreciable and are a must try for the floor covering lovers. The company has significant number of its satisfied clients who came back to their store for more shopping experiences. Apart from stocking several varieties of the mats, the different sizes – big, small, and medium – make the products more suitable for purchase. We also provide customization services for the floor mats.

The rugs shop Melbourne is located in the home maker Hub of Church Street Richmond and the heart of the floor mats world in High Street Armadale. If you cannot visit the rugs store Melbourne you can always visit their official website and chose your product. Certainly it’s going to be a very satisfying experience.

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