Carpets and Rugs are certainly costly add-ons to your homes. It is therefore, also obvious that, you would want to make the best choices while purchasing the items. Among all features of these products, one very important factor is the color of the items.

A carpet which will be spread across your rooms in city of Melbourne, adds to a large extent to the show and atmosphere of the entire room.

Hence, you must choose the color in a way so it matches perfectly with the need and look of your rooms.

However, it is not an easy decision making. Moreover, considering such high variations and options made available from a rug Store, especially in its different Handmade rugsPersian rugs, Indian rugs, Afghan rugs, Traditional, Tribal rugs forms, it becomes all the more confusing for you to pick the right color for your mats.

So here are some basic factors which you need to consider before choosing the color.

This is a very important factor, because every different room in your house requires a different choice of decoration to bring out the beauty and effectiveness of that room.

For instance, if you take up your living room, you would want it to look good at first. Matching the color of the rug with the color of the wall can be very effective for this purpose.

Again, if you are looking for a rug to be placed in your balcony, you can use colors like dark green, or brown, which brings you closer to the nature as well, as balcony is a place where you spend quality time often with your family and friends.

For a bedroom, any color matching with your mood and likeness can give you an atmosphere of soothing beauty and peace because you would certainly want your room to allow you have that night’s sound sleep too.

Cost is certainly an issue when it comes to purchase of these mats. In any case, these products would not be very cheap. And, depending on the choices of the colors, their prices can vary as well.

For instance, a one colored rug and colors that are very common in use would be at a lower price, in comparison to rugs having combination colors, or colors that are uniquely blended and hence used, or black and so on.

So, along with your personal choices, your budget is also a deciding factor for the color that you can pick up for the rug you purchase.


Many a times, a rug is used for keeping the floors away from the dust. This is more essentially true for houses where there are children and pets. The carpets also serve in preventing children from getting hurt by falling on floors too.

If your purpose is such, for instance, then you must choose colors where dust would be less visible. Light color of a carpet may be very difficult to maintain in such cases. So, it’s safe to pick up the darker shades.

Again, if you are looking to decorate your room, make your room shine in bright, then your choice would be anything on some of the bright shades of colors that are available for the items.

You would certainly not want to use a color, which visitors and others would comment on saying this is outdated, out-of-fashion and so on.
It is important to follow the fashion and trends in the market as well, along with other factors. Shades such as gold colors, or green shades are generally considered as outdated in the current times. However, that does not mean that you cannot choose such colors.

Of course if you prefer them, you must buy them. But, what you can do is to simply make a variation in the choice by picking a color on that same shade which is different from the traditional old styles. You can choose combination colors, which will obviously fade out that outdated look of the mats.

Trends in rug and carpet colors tend to change. So, actually it is the best when you choose colors which are not that common, and hence will keep you into fashion for long.

The size of the area where you are placing a rug is another key factor for deciding the color. Just imagine putting up a very bright colored rug in a small space/area. It would look disastrous.

If you want to use bright colors, you should allow a bigger space for the mats. Else, for a smaller space, the colors need to be more soothing in choice, such as darker shades of red, brown, green, and so on.

In case your carpet is placed in a room, where there is too much of sunlight coming in, you also need to think of the fact that its color can be faded out due to over-sunlight. This is a problem with darker shades, which means in such rooms, you need to use lighter shades for your mats.

In case you are too confused to choose the right color, suiting the right ambiance and purpose of your rooms, the safest option is to go with a color, which can suit all your needs and factors. Colors such as beige are perfect for this reason.

Beige, for instance, is one such color which matches well with any other color that may be the color of your room wall. Another safe option is a lighter shade of brown, which will neither let dust be visible on it, and at the same time, tends to match very well with all types of rooms, and ambiance.

So, before you finalize the color, try considering these few factors and you will surely be able to choose the color that is best for your room, choice, purpose, and cost. Since a carpet is going to be long lasting, it’s always better to do little research on the color as well.

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