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Silk Rugs

Silk Rugs

In the carpet industry, there is nothing more luxurious than natural silk. This gorgeous and organic material is smooth and soft in texture. Silk rugs emit a beautiful sheen under any light while being the hardest wearing of all natural fibres ensuring longevity. Woven Treasure’s silk collection is individually and carefully hand selected by our expert team to ensure that we stock the most beautiful and timeless pieces in our collection. Traditionally, many silk rugs originate from Iran. However, Kashmir in India has in recent years taken the global industry by storm with the incorporation of elegant designs, incredible colours and great craftsmanship in its silk rugs.

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Accordingly, at Woven Treasures you will find many signature and collectable Persian silk rugs originating from Qum as well as Kashmir. Our silk collection showcases a range of small rugs to oversized rugs suitable for any lounge or dinning room. We invite you to visit our showrooms to view the full collection.
Silk rugs emit luxury and elegance to any home and décor. Hand selected by us to ensure each rug is special.

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