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Classic Traditional Persian Rugs


Persian Traditional Rugs add a touch of class and elegance to any home, hotel or a business room. They are usually known by the beautiful cities, from where they have been made. The people of the city get inspired by the nature around them or the heritage of each town often designs are depicted in the form of buds, flowers. They are traditional in design as they look at naturalistic drawing but the color schemes they use are rich and in perfect harmony with each other.

We stock handmade rugs & carpets that are knotted with premium yarns, mostly natural fibers such as wool, silk, and the most recent addition Bamboo fiber. These natural yarns are very luxurious to touch and comfortable under feet. Because they are handmade and not commercially produced, no two rugs will be alike, and often slight imperfections may exist as they are made by humans like you and I however, skilled at this age old craft. Some quality Persian Rugs maintained well will age gracefully and become collect able and Antiques.

Visit us at our stores in Melbourne and loose yourself in the vast range of colors and designs and become a part of this ancient old craft by owning a piece of history which can become an heir loom passed down for several generations.

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