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You definitely want to give your home the best look, for which you need to pay attention to the interior decoration of each of the rooms. That one thing that can help to promote the overall look and feel of your rooms, is the right choice of a carpet or rug that you can spread out on the floor of the room.

The first thing that your neighbors and guests notice the moment they step into your drawing room is your carpet. So you need to be very particular while you choose the carpet for your rooms especially your drawing rooms.

And with companies such as the Woven Treasures Rug present in the market of Melbourne, you no longer have to worry about where to go to purchase the carpets and rugs for your home.


This company has been operating for the last twenty-six years and has earned a brand name and good image for itself.

Woven Treasure Rugs is a family oriented business and that has been selling designer rugs and carpets having the exquisite traditional look that have the power to create a very aesthetic ambiance. The staff members of this particular company are well experienced and they have the expertise to help you to choose the best carpet or rug for your home according to your individual taste.

If you want to purchase the best rug or carpet that will be able to enhance the overall look of your home then you can simply visit their online store where the items are put on sale.


The best thing about the carpets and rugs of this reputed company is the fact that you can choose from a wide variety. The company imports Indian rugs and carpets which have a universal appeal for their miniature drawings and because of their high-quality texture. The other aspect about these hand woven rugs and carpets are they come in a wide range of colours.

If you want to give your home an ethnic touch then you can choose from these luxury rugs offered by the company, which are meant to suit the varying needs and preferences of varying customers.

The Persian rugs and carpets are equally attractive and highly sophisticated. The company imports rugs and carpets from Persia, which are a favourite choice for many of their customers. These rugs and carpets can be either traditional or tribal and depending upon your particular style you can choose the one that will make your home look really glamorous. The intricate designs and the fine colour combination of these carpets and rugs make them look really exotic and charming and they have the ability to add the magic touch to your interior decoration.

Another particular variety of Rugs for which this company is very famous is the afghan rugs. The company imports this particular brand of rugs from Afghanistan where the local people make handmade rugs and carpets which are extremely attractive and of superior quality. Apart from all the different rugs and carpets which this reputed company imports from countries like India, Persia and Afghanistan, they also manufacture high-quality rugs which can be used to decorate offices and corporate houses.


Another specialty of these rugs is the fact that you get the options of varying shapes and sizes to choose for your purpose. Depending upon the carpet area of your room you can choose the rug that will suit your specific requirement.

Woven Treasures Rugs also specializes in making alterations to the rugs of your choice so that they can fit in your room in such a way as to give it a very sober and sophisticated look with perfection. The wide variety of colour combinations which is another unique feature of the rugs of this esteemed company gives you the ability to choose the particular rug that will go with the colours of the room and give your room a bright appearance.

Materials that are used to produce the superior quality rugs by this reputed company gives a long lasting durability to the rugs. The rugs are made of silk or wool or synthetic polyester which are all hand woven.  Our wool rugs, vintage rugs are quite popular in Melbourne.


Every year during the rugs sale, you can purchase these quality rugs at a discounted rate. You can get huge discounts if you purchase the Rugs in bulk. It will be a great idea to gift your friends and family with these quality rugs.

The company has been doing business for the last twenty-six years and have been able to keep all their customers happy and satisfied with their high-quality rugs. If you visit the showroom of this company in Melbourne you will definitely enjoy the warmth and cordial behavior of the highly experienced staff of this company who will help you to select the best rug for your home. The rugs that are produced by this company are not only attractive and of good quality but are extremely affordable.

The products that you can purchase from our Rugs Shop In Melbourne will definitely help to give your homes the perfect look. You do not have to worry about the rugs losing their shine and texture. The high-quality silk and wool that is used to make the rugs will help them to retain their shine and colour for years together.

So if you want the best rug for your homes that you must purchase the same from Woven Treasures Rugs.

The company has a brand name and goodwill and they will provide you with the best rug for your home decor. Once you bring home the high-quality rugs from this company you will become amazed by the enhanced look of your house.

Do not hesitate or delay anymore. Rush to the nearest showroom and get the perfect rug for your home in right earnest.

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