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Carpets and rugs can be said to be an integral part of most houses. Be it for the purpose of using them as decorative pieces or for using them to cover areas of floors, where one can sit and do some tasks, these items are just perfect. Moreover, with their huge variety in respect of shapes, sizes, colours, materials, and designs, there are options for all to choose from, suiting individual needs.

While the effectiveness of carpets and rugs is known to all and hence preferred to, there is another aspect of these items cleaning.

No. There is nothing to get worried about because here we have experts from a top performing carpets and rugs company – Woven Treasure Rugs, from whom some excellent tips could be obtained which present the different ways in which carpets and rugs can be kept clean.


The basic methods that are used for carpets and rugs cleaning include:

Carpet Shampooing- For this, you can use carpet shampoos, which are available in the market, get the carpet to generate lather and the residue that results in the process, tends to capture the dirt and soil, which can then be vacuumed.

Dry Powder Method- For dry cleaning of the carpets and rugs, the use of carpet absorbent cleaners can be done. The cleaner is sprinkled over the carpet, which can absorb the dirt and the soil as the cleaner gets worked over the carpet.

Bonnet Cleaning- This is the method of carbonated cleaning where an oscillating brush in combination with another stiff brush is used to wet clean the carpet.

External Extraction- This is the steam cleaning which offers a deep clean of the carpets and is recommended by most carpet cleaners and professionals.

Of all these methods, the external extraction method or which is the steam cleaning of the carpets is considered as the best choice for the method. It is extremely effective for the purpose of the cleaning.

Fundamental Actions-

While performing the action of cleaning carpets and rugs, you need to follow some of the basic steps, for whichever is the technique that you may choose to use.

Most importantly, you need to test the material that you use, on a very small portion of the carpet so that you can test whether there is any sort of negative reaction due to the use of that material. If the reactions are positive, you are safe to use the material and your carpets won’t be damaged.

However; before cleaning, it is always recommended to vacuum the rugs and carpets. This allows the superficial layers of dust and dirt to get cleaned away, which also makes it easier for the actual cleaning to be done.

Once the vacuum is done, handling the stains on the rugs and carpets is essentially followed by deep cleaning of the carpets, which can be done using the best technique of steam cleaning.


Here are 10 expert tips, which present 10 ways to get your carpets and rugs cleaned effectively, particularly when you have to clean particular stains or dirt from your carpets.

  1. To clean up stains on your carpets and rugs, use the cleaner and dab on the spot instead of rubbing them.

This is the method of blotting, which prevents the stain from getting spread across the material. When you blot on the spot, the pressure you use helps to soak the portion of the stain and hence cleans it up without causing much of a mess of the entire carpet or rug.

  1. Instead of using beer or wine stains, try club soda, which comes from the experts of the professionals.

Blotting particular areas on the carpets or rugs with the club soda by using it on a cloth does wonder in the process of the cleaning. Also, as an alternative to this method, you can use combined vinegar and water in equal parts and spray it on the area of the stain and dirt, to do the cleaning.

  1. Experts recommend the use of shaving cream to do the cleaning of specific areas on carpets and rugs.

Shaving creams are in fact perfect for cleaning almost any types of stains that may come up on the carpets or rugs. You simply need to apply the cream on the area and let it stand for say half an hour, following which you can simply use a dry cloth and blot the stain away. This is more effective when you use the water-vinegar mixture, spray it on the area and make a final wipe on the portion, which completes the cleaning.

  1. So what do you when a foreign item such as a chewing gum gets stuck on your carpet or rug somehow? You need to clean that by removing it from your carpets, right? Experts recommend using ice cubes from your freezer to do this cleaning.

Freezing the chewing gum with the ice for half a minute freezes the gum, which you can simply pick up then using a spoon or any instrument alike. For a smoother effect, you can cut the few strands of the carpet or rug, where the gum had got stuck.

  1. Sometimes stains from grease on your carpets and rugs can be very difficult to get rid of. But experts from Woven Treasure Rugs have solutions for this too.

To clean up your carpets and rugs from grease stains, you need grease-cutting dishwashing detergent, and a few drops of this on the area will pierce through the grease allowing it to be cleaned out from the carpets. You can use a spray bottle for this purpose as well with which you can spray the detergent on the carpets to get rid of the stain.

  1. Your carpets and rugs can also be damaged or get dirty with wax, which is possible particularly when there are occasions in your house and candles are used for lighting and so on. So the wax that might fall on your carpets could be difficult to get rid of.

With expert’s advice, what you can do is simply put a towel or cloth in the area and run the hot iron or press over the cloth. Following this, you can use a spoon or a knife to prick out the wax parts from the carpets.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide is the solution to carpets and rugs on which foreign items such as blood drops might have fallen.

Blood stains and spots are absolutely effectively removed and cleaned up with the use of hydrogen peroxide. For this you can at first use water and detergent to loosen the blood which might have tightened on your carpets. This will help you remove most of the stains and for the rest that remains stuck use hydrogen peroxide to clean it up all.

  1. If you have pets at home, then using chemicals to clean up your carpets and rugs is never recommended.

Instead, experts advice on using organic cleaners, which are also perfect for cleaning up the rugs and carpets for any types of stains or even for coffee, sauces, and other items that might fall on the rugs.

  1. Having kids at home could mean that your carpets and rugs can often get dirty with candies and other items falling on them.

For cleaning up these, you can simply use a butter knife or spoon to scrape off the area. Thereafter, to clean up the carpets, you can use a mixture of water and mild soap, which is perfect for the case.

  1. If you want your carpets and rugs to look deeply clean, vacuuming them on a regular basis is essential, as expert’s advice to do.

This helps to keep the regular dirt out from the surfaces of the carpets, which in turn keeps the inside of the carpets cleaner too and makes it less of a hassle to get the carpets cleaned.

Woven Treasures Rugs are a popular rug and carpet seller and their experts are professionals having deeper knowledge on both quality and maintenance of these products as they are regularly used at homes. Be it for the traditional styles or contemporary designs, cleaning up the carpets is an essential part of maintaining them and allowing them to last longer.

You choose the items after a thorough process of choosing from among several designs and options. It is natural, therefore that, you would like the carpets to stay perfect and suit the right look of the area where you place them.

The different ways in which you can clean up your carpets and rugs, as mentioned above, can be said to be tricks and tips which are not always available or known to all. While cleaning up the entire carpets and rugs are one necessity to maintain them, these methods, as suggested by the experts, are also important to know since they can solve smaller issues with great effect.

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