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Handmade rugs carry their own legacy. The beauty of the entwined knots of these rugs justifies the sweat, efforts and dedication of the artists who created it. The conviction of these artists has been passed down to their generations as a family heirloom.

Won’t you be glad to put such a classic example of Artistry & craftsmanship in your home? Handmade rugs Melbourne not only glorifies your flooring but also brings a sophistication into your home.

Here are few important reasons to buy Handmade Rugs Melbourne:

1. A classic Display of Tradition & Art: Are you looking for a traditional or artistic theme for your room decor? Then Traditional rug in Melbourne is the best option for you. These rugs elaborate the tradition and art of the place where they are woven. For eg. Persian Rugs Melbourne display the art of Persia which are unique Rembrandt. They usually have meandering vine patterns with a medallion in the center of the carpet. So, your room has the World’s best home decor accessory. It is the typical exhibition of a rare art as the numbers of skilled weavers are reducing each year.

2. Durable & Easy to Clean: Handmade Rugs in Melbourne are relatively durable as the knots of the rugs are not glued rather tied or looped using adjacent knots. Also, they are easy to clean and maintain as they do not contain any chemicals. Hence the chances of reaction with water is almost nil. You can also take help of a professional rug cleaner to clean your rug. Hence these rugs require minimal maintenance.

3. Environmental Friendly: The products used while weaving the handmade rug are appreciable which make it eco-friendly. Handmade Rugs are usually crafted using wool or silk fabric which are recyclable and requires no adhesive. Also, the traditional artists use natural dyes made from fruits & vegetables which makes it relatively greener than a machine made rug. Hence buying a handmade rug is a smart choice.

Other than this, the most important thing which will make you buy it is the antique design. Specially, Indian Handmade rugs and Afghan rugs in Melbourne are popular antique collection from the World’s rug trove. Indian Handmade rugs in Melbourne are often too big in size with a lively depiction of vibrant colors and designs. Unlike Indian Rugs, Afghan Rugs in Melbourne are medium in size and are available in many patterns and colors. These rugs are the prized possession for the buyers.

Are you searching for such exotic rugs for your abode? Then give a halt to your pursuit in Melbourne. Melbourne rug stores possess the best rugs from all over the world – Persia, Afghanistan, India, Turkey and that too at affordable prices. Woven Treasure Rugs Melbourne provide an online solution too for your home make-over. All you need to do is to share an image of your room where you want to place the rug. Based on the past experiences and advice from the experts, the team will offer you a range of rugs.

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