The decoration of our homes goes back to the early ages. A decorated house looks very presentable whenever someone comes over. People use many things to decorate their houses with, they collect and display paintings, place interesting antique items in their homes, buy rich and lush carpets and rugs and so much more.

Carpets and rugs have been gracing our homes for thousands of years. They decorate our homes and brighten the place up and they have been doing so for centuries. The oldest known Persian rugs found, were 2400-2500 years old. Rugs and carpets add a bit of culture, a bit or artistry to the place. A well woven rug adds colors and grace into a room.

There are many companies and businesses that have showrooms for you to visit and look for the most suitable rug for you. You can look through their collection and select the one that you think will go best with your room decorations. There are also many online companies or companies with websites, if you don’t want to go down to the showroom in person. You can look through their collection online, and select one, or you can send them a picture of your room and they can suggest you several to choose from after looking at your decor.

There are many options for you if you live in Melbourne. You can get your rugs at many other places as well, like Harvey Norman or Rugs a Million, but if you want the finest woven rugs in all of Melbourne, there is only one place for you to go, that is,Woven Treasure Rugs, one of the best in the business. They have two showrooms in the city of Melbourne, one is in Church Street in Richmond and the other one is in High Street Armadale. They have the finest collection of woven rugs in all of Melbourne. They are a very old, very experienced, and very successful rug selling company and the rugs and carpets they have are of the best quality.

Their collection contains many different types of rugs, Persian rugs, Indian rugs, Afghan rugs, traditional rugs, designer rugs, tribal rugs and much, much more. Their rugs are from all over the world, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt etc. They search for the best hand woven or hand knotted rugs in the world and when they find it, they bring it home to be sold at very reasonable prices. They also stock rugs and carpets in different sizes. They have standard sizes as well as very large sizes so that they can custom make a rug according to your specifications.

There is a variety of material used in the making of these rugs and carpets, like wool and silk and manmade fibers etc. These wool rugs also have many different kinds of dyes in them, natural dyes or others. Then there are many different ways of making a rug, machine made which are less expensive, hand woven, hand knotted and hand tufted. All these different materials and dyes and methods of making a rug result in different styles. Everybody have their own preference and Woven Treasures know that. That is why they stock such a large variety of them so that it can attract a larger demographic.

The staff at Woven Treasures is very experienced as well. They have over twenty six years’ experience in the market and they can show you and guide you and help you buy the best rug or carpet possible to go with the decor of your house or room. Choosing the right rug is very important, so that when you place it in your house, it does not look out of place there and matches the styling and the decor.

The company Woven Treasure Rugs also has a website that you can log on to for information of their upcoming sales or to see the new additions to their collection or to just buy a rug or a carpet online. You can search for the type of rug you want from their amazing collection online. They have dozens and dozens of pictures of rugs and carpets for you to look at online and choose from. They have many different categories, from traditional Persian rugs to tribal Persian rugs, from traditional Indian rugs to designer Indian rugs, from traditional Afghan rugs to contemporary Afghan rugs and much more. You can also browse through the rugs on sale in Melbourne, on their website. You can add them to your cart and they will ship it out to you when you buy them.

They also provide the service of choosing and selecting several rugs or carpets for you when you provide them with the photographs of the room and the decor of the room. With over twenty six years’ experience, they can give you sound advice and the rugs they choose would go well with your room. All you have to do is pick the one you like the most from their suggestions.

Woven Treasure Rugs also provides many other services to their clients. They offer suggestions or advice on the design of the room and size of the rugs or carpets. They can also advice you on interior design and what goes best with what. They also provide the service of cleaning and restoring old carpets and rugs. They can advise you on how to take care of the rugs and carpets. They can also underlay the carpet with anti-slip so that it does not move or slip when someone walks on it or something.

Best part of all, they have two stores in the city and a website as well, and Woven Treasure Rugs’ prices are very reasonable. Their clients of some 26 years ago still shop from them for they know the prices to be reasonable and the rugs and carpets to be of the best quality.

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