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There are many Afghani Tribal rug designs, such as Kazak, Shirvan, and off course the Balouchi (prayer rugs) however the two most popular are Turkoman in the small geometric Tekkeh Gul motif known as Camel foot or larger Geometric floral motif better know as the Elephant foot design. And the other popular design known as Gul Mohamadi / Khal Mohamadi a more intricate motif geometrically formed flower named after the aromatic Rose (Gul Mohamadi) named after the prophet Mohammad. All these rugs are hand knotted in wool grading of the yarn varies depending the detail of the design,colors are often in dark shades of red& black. Visit our store in Melbourne for we are famous for sourcing rare and exquisite carpets and rugs from far and wide. We offer a wide variety of collection ranging from the tribal & traditional.If you are a first time buyer you have come to the right place for our experts will provide with the history and in depth knowledge such that you develop an interest in carpets and help eliminate the buying stress.

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