Rugs are one of the most convenient interior decor accessories. They equip even the most style blind property owners with decor smarts to transform the dullest of spaces into show stoppers. When used the right way, designer rugs can life to any space.

Are you looking for a way to bring the wow into an ordinary looking room?

We suggest designer rugs Melbourne. And below are a few ways to creatively deploy rugs in your home decor.

Break the Monotony of Large Rooms with a Statement Designer Rug

Space is a great thing to have in your home. Given a choice the average person will take a large room over a small, cramped one. But with size comes the difficulty of decorating at scale, making sure every decor piece is consistent with the overall theme of the space.

As a result of the big size of the decorating job it is easy to get bogged down on the small stuff all in an effort to find that one piece to add soul to the space. A color rich designer rug in this case can help draw attention from other areas of the space and break the monotony of long walls and open spaces.

Using a statement rug thrown into the middle of the room, you won’t feel the need to fill every inch of space with a decor piece. The consequence is your space will be able to breathe and will feel less cluttered.

Talking about walls:

Use a Modern Rug to Accent a Wall

Walls are difficult to decorate, especially if you are on a budget. Yes, you can hang all your family photos and the odd painting here and there. But there are only so many of these you can hang before it becomes overkill.

To create a rich decor scheme you may want to find another way to dress up and accent a wall or even to offset a bland looking hallway. Rugs are perfect for this. Find a rightly sized modern rug and hang it right in the center to draw attention to it and away from the rest of the space.

This trick works a treat especially when positioned right in front of the entrance or large sofa from where people will likely scan the room.

Harmonize an Eclectic Decor Theme with a Common Colored Modern Rug

If you are one who likes to memorialize your travels using the decor accessories and small furniture you collect in the many places you visit, your living room can start to look a lot like an antique shop.

You can bring harmony in your space by choosing a neutral colored, modern rug that grounds all the warring colors from your treasured collectibles. While you do that be careful and avoid picking a rug that will end adding to the noise instead of quieting it.

Rugs come in such large variety of colors and styles that there is more than one for every type of space and decor aesthetic. Whatever style you prefer – Persian, Indian, Afghan, or Western – there are countless ways to decorate with rugs. What we have discussed here are just a few of them.