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handmade rugs

  • The best Indian, Persian, & Afghan Rugs Available

    If you want to find a variety of luxurious Middle Eastern style rugs specially crafted to perfection through an intricate process of weaving designed to deliver durable rugs and carpets for practically any need, I would recommend visiting Woven Treasures Rugs. They offer a huge selection of custom made luxury Indian, Persian, and Afghan rugs that are simply gorgeous. Depending on your particular style, there are rugs to fit the design vision of any home or business owner. The exotic design and traditional manufacturing process of the rugs is what truly sets them apart.

    Indian rugs in melbourne

    In Melbourne, the demand for culturally diverse living accessories and furniture is much like all across the world, very high. There are many places in Melbourne that offer Persian, Indian, and Afghan crafted rugs and other accessories however the best place to visit is Woven Treasures Rugs. The care and attention to detail that they put into their product selection is immediately notable from the moment you enter the room. If you’re looking for luxury then you’ve come to the right place when visiting Woven Treasures Rugs.

    As soon as you enter, you will be greeted by the beautiful showroom that displays some of the finest Indian rugs, Persian rugs, and Afghan rugs in our inventory. Our handmade rugs are designed with elegance, tradition, and style in mind. For any occasion or home theme that you may be striving to acquire Woven Treasures Rugs has something for you.

    rugs Melbourne

    We pride ourselves on being a rug store in Melbourne that offers designer rugs, modern rugs, and many other ethnic varieties that can really add a personal touch of style to any home. If you are having trouble coming up with a design theme for your home or personal space we at Woven Treasures Rugs offer consultation services, interior design advice, cleaning/restoration, and information on how to care for your carpet.

    Our designer rugs look stunning in any space however you want to be mindful that they also require very regular maintenance and care. If you decide to buy a fantastic rug from our showroom there’s no reason to not gain the right information to help you maintain your purchase for as long as possible.

    To give you a feeling for the different type of design elements each one of our products offer to your personal space, we’re going to give you a small summary of the rug type, cultural prominence, and design element that each woven fabric derives its rich presence from.

    Persian Rugs

    Persian rugs are traditionally a very heavy textile fabric that is used for many utility and personal purposes. Weaving fabric is a very integral part of Persian culture and arts that the residents take much pride in. The design of Persian rugs generally consist of some sort of spiritual, traditional, or symbolic meaning interwoven with very natural tones and dark earthly colors. Often times, carpets will be woven in memory or honor of certain Persian stories or historical events. These display some of the best design qualities that Persian rugs offer as they include detailed illustrations and pictorial depictions of figures, people, and animals. Persian rugs are great for people who want to add natural and traditional theme

    afghan rugs Melbourne

    Afghan Rugs

    Afghan rugs are hand-woven pieces comprised of different textile materials. Often times these beautiful pieces are crafted by refugees of Pakistan. Creation of these stunning pieces mainly takes place in western and northern Afghanistan. One of the most visually potent styles of afghan rugs are the Shindand or Adraskan which include very strange human figures, animals, and other very distinctive design characteristics. Typically you will find afghan rugs in very bright and bold color ways that are very eye-catching. These types of rugs are great for people who want to add a sense of elegance and mystique to their personal space.

    chubi sultan

    Indian Rugs

    Indian rugs are traditionally had woven by craftsmen and natives of the land. They are very neutral in their somber tones, the deep accent usually found in Indian rugs makes them a great way to add comfort, warmth and vibrancy into your home or personal space. Often times the designs are derived from traditional weaving techniques and stories native to the people. The designs are somewhat peculiar to some however to the native people they tell a deep and rich story of their background and heritage. Indian rugs are great for spaces that need an extra layer of warmth and comfort on top of its already existing deign layout.

    contemporary rugs

    As you can see from above, each distinct rug we offer has a different story and design element to bring to your living space. You may not be totally set on what it is that you exactly want in your living space design but luckily for you that’s why we’re here.

    Woven Treasures Rugs offers free consultations to come out to your home and discuss with you what your interior design vision is. From this point our representatives will be able to establish a good feel for what you want to then make selections for you that can possibly meet your needs. We highly recommend taking advantage of our free consultation service even if you think you know which type of fabric and design you want. We can also help you with tips and methods on how you can keep your carpet clean and looking great.

    From our showroom to our exquisite collection of Persian, Indian, and Afghan rugs topped with our superior customer service and experience in the industry, we at Woven Treasures Rugs are the top choice in Melbourne for any of your exotic carpeting needs. We serve a wide range of clients all with different needs and we promise to deliver the value, style, and quality you so desire every single time.

    You shouldn’t wait any longer to purchase your beautiful new exotic carpet or rug. Give us a call or visit our location to see what makes Woven Treasures Rugs so special!

  • Variety Rugs from Varied Designers: How to Choose Your Rugs Wisely?

    Your homes are the places you live in, which means they are extremely close to your hearts. Rather they mean everything to you. That’s the reason you all want your homes to be just perfect, when it comes to its decorations, furnishings, interior styling, color, and more. You want every bit of it to look good, feel good, and make it more valuable for you, and your families.

    While you choose a number of decorative items, furnishings and more to give that perfect look and comfort to your rooms and different parts of your house, Rugs are extremely popular for the purpose too. And, you surely love them to be placed in your house.

    Be it for the purpose of decorations, or keeping the floors covered and protected, or for an enhanced aesthetic value to your place of living, carpets can never offer you with anything less than what you might be looking for.

    Look out for the best and make your choices

    The reason that we mention here about the best choice is because we are talking about none other than Woven Treasures Rugs operating from Melbourne.


    If you have still not known about this organization and their offerings, then it is the high time that you visit their store, before making your purchase on the floor covers. An immense variation of designs, colors, sizes and shapes is what the team offers for its customers. This means you get to have a lot of options to choose from, and that too absolutely fulfilling the exact needs that you have for your house, or the areas where you want to place the mats.

    But, it’s important to choose wisely

    Yes, choosing your rug wisely is important. You cannot just make an investment only to later find it not worth the place where you have put it on, or lacking the interest later because you simply chose a wrong color or design for the mat.


    If you really want to make the perfect choice, it’s important to go through the variety of options that the shop offers, and hence make the decision after analyzing your needs and matching the same with the offers made by Woven Treasures Rugs.

    From this company, you will have the options to choose from Indian rugs, Persian rugs, Afghan rugs, tribal rugs, traditional rugs, and handmade rugs.

    Each of these floor covers from different regions and different designers have been collected by the team, thus offering to you to make your choice. You can very well realize how high the levels of variety would be for you.

    For instance, the traditional styles of floor mats from the Indian designers can be just perfect if you want an artistic look to your living rooms. The designs from Persia or Afghan too reflect the use of varying motifs and colors, which make each of the items absolutely unique in their own ways. The designs of all these collections will make you feel the depth of the art and craft that have been presented through immense hard work of the craftsmen.

    The traditional and tribal designs are even more unique since they do not follow any contemporary or fixed style in their designs. They are simply patterns of their own, which you can suitably fit in in different areas of your house.

    The variety of the products are such that you can choose them for your living room, dining space, bedrooms, or even for the purpose of prayers. The variation in colors make it even more interesting to make some great choices for different rooms in your house. Be it a light shaded mat, or a dark colored floor cover, or may be a combination texture which you might prefer, Woven Treasures has it all for you.

    To make a wise choice, what you best need to do is to first identify the exact need that you have for the floor covering, the area where you want to place, the color that can suit the area, and of course the size and shape too. Once, you are done with this little research work, you are ready to go, visit the company, and their varieties of products, match them with your identified needs, and purchase the one that best suits you.

    You can also be rest assured that the price you will need to pay for the products will be worth the value of the floor mats that you will receive in return from this company.

    How the team helps you too?

    Even if you are confused about making the right choices the best part of the team is that they have specialists to help you make your selection.

    In that case, what you will need to do is to simply share your needs to the team. If you prefer they can even visit your home and check for themselves, the areas where you want to place the mats. Based on their identification and analysis of the areas, they will simply pick up what would be best suited for your selected areas.

    The level of dedication and concern that the team has for its customers is another major reason that you should check out on this organization before going anywhere else. If it’s really a wise and perfect decision you want for your purchase on floor covers, then Woven Treasures Rugs is surely your one stop solution for your requirements.

    Moreover, the quality of the products are of the highest standards, and the team ensures the highest level of satisfaction for all their customers. Your demand is what they are up to fulfilling. Hence, you can simply contact them without any hesitation, and you will find the team just a call away.


    So, if you have been looking for such high quality, highly varied floor cover products and a team to guide you all through your purchase, then contact Woven Treasures now, for they offer nothing but the best from the world around in floor mats.

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